Good Morning Cicely!

We thought we'd show a little love to KBHR Cicelians and offer my Book/DVD Set at a 10% discount.  A portion of the money goes to our friends at KBHR to keep them on the air.  Everybody wins!  As always, Northern Exposure fans are the greatest, kindest and most generous fans in the world.

Many of those same fans are helping our effort to reboot the show (details here).

In May of 2013 we invited everyone to participate in the creation of my book, Northern Exposed with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The response was, in a word, stunning.  We took a camera to Roslyn and revisited all the iconic locations from the show, and then I sat down with all the surviving cast members (Peg left us too soon and we dedicated the DVD set to her memory) and we talked about our memories.  The result of all this was a book and DVD set that  thousands of good folks really seem to enjoy!

Northern Exposure was an extraordinarily peculiar network television show and no one had any expectations for it. Tossed into the CBS lineup in the middle of the summer of 1990, it was expected to fill eight hours of primetime television programming and then go its merry way into oblivion.

What CBS didn't count on was an addictive combination of quirkiness and adventure that would rivet millions of fans, creating a cult-like following that would drive them back to the box to watch their Northern Exposure friends on a regular basis.

My character, Ed Chigliak (whose last name I didn't learn until the sixth episode) was perhaps the most peculiar of them all. Ed bridged the world of the wilderness with that of modern America. He was wise in the ways of his native forefathers and could effortlessly quote Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg.

Northern Exposed gives those millions of Northern Exposure fans the opportunity to enjoy an inside look at the interaction and daily lives of that cast and those producers.

Because the book and DVD complement each other, we are only offering them together at one great price. Enjoy!

Northern Exposed
Softcover Book & DVD Combo

We are now SOLD OUT.  We have no more books, and for the moment we will not be printing more.  We will be converting to a Kindle book and pay-to-view Vimeo. Keep watching this space for more information